The Takeaway POS System for your entire shop operation

We can support all the features you want.

Are you looking for a POS system for your takeaway shop? We have all the systems you need in any form of your shop. Simply contact our sales representative for free consultations.

how it works for Takeaway
Start your business with all in one POS system at KPOS. We are dedicated and here for you.
Self Order
Step 01-A. Customers can order on Self ordering system at your store
Increase service speed by letting customers place their own orders without any errors.
Cut Queues and increase sales
Interactive Screens on Free standing or Wall-mounted
Highly customizable for your branding
Online Order
Step 01-B. Customers can order on your ordering website with their mobile
Integrate online order website with your in house POS system. We can build you a highly performing website that makes it easy for your customers to order, wherever they are.
Set up a pick-up or delivery feature or both
Fast transactions, split bills
Phone, tablet and desktop friendly ordering interfaces
Send orders directly to in house POS
Step 02. Check orders from either self ordering or online ordering while you can also make orders on POS
Our POS works on PC. Data syncs to a central database in the cloud so you can use any supported devices in your outlet. KPOS is your all-in-one software solution.
Fully customisable on your needs
Fast transactions, split bills
Easy order flow
Real time inventory report
And so much more

Staff Order

Whether customers are at a table, bar or on the terrace, you can always get a quick order.

Kitchen Display

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Queue management

Improve customer experience and efficiency of your service. Provide status information by simply one click.


You can get Remote monitoring through smartphones, differentiated security consulting, and thorough follow-up management.


We cover network installation, data server, data cabinet installation, VoIP Landline service, PBX system, and business consulting.


Sushi Hero

Sushi n Blue

Sushi Show

Bambo field

Momo Sushi Train

Yuzen Sushi

+ more than 1000

24/7 Technical Support

if you want a hand, we offer one-on-one implementation services and 24/7 customer support.